Monday, 1 September 2014

The Never Ending Pill Cycle

I am tired of this downward spiral of trying to remember to take my pills when not taking them makes you more forgetful. I installed a little pill reminder app on my phone which actually is so annoying, I end up taking my pills before it's beeped. It's like a little subconscious angel on your shoulder. "Take your pills... Take your pills..." And it works too! It's amazing how much technology does for us these days. I am feeling a lot better for it and I am also taking my pills at about the same time every day now which is a bonus. I got the app on the Google Play store and it is called Pill Reminder by RBCT. It's a simple app but does what it needs to do. You set a time and frequency and it pops up every day asking if you've taken your pill. You've got three options: Yes; Remind me Later or I don't need to take a pill today. The remind me later pops up again 5 minutes later and there's no way to change the length of time but it's annoying enough to get you to just take your pills there and then (or in my case before even!) to enable you to just click yes.

I get that it's good to take your pills at the same time every day and to be consistent especially when dealing with hormones but my life has been so upside down, it's been next to impossible for me to have any sort of routine I can rely on. Each day is different and each day turns into each week and they turn into months and the next thing you know, you're down in the dumps and all your hair starts falling out by the fistful. It's very distressing and the stress exacerbates everything too! You just can't win. All I know is you need to take a step back, a deep breath and start over. Take your pills and try remember to take them every day and try take them at the same time everyday and slowly but surely normality will return and your life will regain some sort of order. I am starting to feel the good effects of being back on a pill routine, even if my life hasn't caught up yet. I'm slowly starting to learn that you can't wait for things to be a certain way before you make your move and that sometimes the cart has to go before the horse and the horse will catch up on it's own.

My hair is starting to thicken up and regrow. It's a bit annoying really because now I feel like those penguins with the baby down poking out through their adult feathers as I've got super fluffy hair from all the new regrowth. I've got short little bits sticking out all over the place - it honestly looks like I've cut little chunks out of my hair for no reason. I really need to sort it out but not sure how. Anyone have any ideas for fly away regrowth after hair loss? Apart from that, I am starting to sleep a lot better and the snoring is getting less so I'm feeling a lot more rested after a nights sleep. I did have another knee attack the other night so that hasn't eased up yet. Occasionally I will get a severe stabbing pain in my knee. I'm sure it is thyroid related but not exactly sure how. All I know is it is sudden and hurts like crazy almost having me in tears every time. Moving it or "walking it off" does tend to help but as soon as I get back into bed, it returns and I have to lie in weird and wonderful positions to avoid the pain returning so end up having a really bad nights sleep. It's only happened once since I've been back (09 August) so hoping it will happen less as time goes on. Not sure what causes it or what it even is but I know symptoms of hypothyroidism is joint pain so, for now, I will pin it down to that and see how it goes.

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